Wolf Theiss / Baspinar & Partners joint Real Estate event in Vienna

Based on official invitation; Dawn at the Bosporus:Turkey - the next "Hot Spot" for Real Estate? Real Estate Market and Real Estate Law in Turkey 2011 Turkish economy has already in the previous year with a GDP growth of 7.3 % emerged from a short time slowing in the crisis. The land with its 70 mn inhabitants - 12 mn of which in Istanbul - is one of the largest and most interesting growth areas in South Eastern Europe. It is expected that further economic and legal reforms will make the country yet more interesting for international investors. What does this mean for the real estate sector? Is the country a new "Go-To" Region for developers and investors? The 19th Immo Round Up will deal on the one hand with the market situation and market chances, on the other hand with Turkish real estate law and its specialties. Our panel of experts will this time consist of: Atilla Öztürk, CEO, Astay Yatirim (Istanbul) Gökmen Baspinar, Managing Partner, Baspinar & Partners (Istanbul) Wolfgang Richter, RegioPlan Consulting (Vienna) Chair: Peter Oberlechner Date: March 30 Venue : Wolf Theiss