Unfair Clause Bylaw in Force

The Bylaw Regarding Unfair Clauses in Consumer Agreements has entered into force after being published on the Official Gazette dated 17th of June 2014 and numbered 29033. 

The Bylaw defines unfair clauses and the protective measures against such clauses. 

The regulation clearly states that any unfair clause shall be deemed void when put in a consumer agreement and the remaining articles shall be still valid. 

The party who drafted the agreement and put such unfair clauses has not right to object that he would not sign such agreement in case he knew that the unfair article(s) would be void. 

In other words, unfair articles shall be void and the remaining terms and conditions of the agreement signed with a consumer shall be valid. 

The bylaw also describes the definition of an unfair clause(s) and the requirements to consider an article as an unfair clause.