Dragon Festival 2014

Baspinar & Partners has participated in Dragonfest 2014 within the Swedish Chamber of Commerce team. 

The Dragon Festival, where teams of world famous companies go head to head, has become the number one corporate platform of important metropolis. 

The Turkey foot of the Festival celebrates its 5th year with tournaments to be organized in 5 different cities. 

The Dragon Festival will show professionals the fun side of business life with an increasing number of participants every year since 2008. 

The festival, attended by 668 teams and 14.696 competitors, is one of the biggest three festivals of the world in the same time. 

Companies go head to head with one another in the festival where the seriousness of business life is left at the office and everyone is equal on water. 

Thanks to this festival, both the relations between co-workers gain strength and team spirit flames up Our team, SCC Vikings, managed to finish the rowing race second in the first day and qualified to the sport category and finished in 15th among 59 teams.